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Hybrid dielectrics with embedded Si and Ag nanoparticles for 3rd generation solar cells


The plasmonic exaltation from AgNPs can be exploited for emitting processes as the photoluminescence (PL) coming from semiconducting nanoparticles as Si nanoparticles (SiNPs) located in the near field of the AgNPs. Hybrid systems consisting of two planes of Si and AgNPs separated by nanometric distances and fabricated by ULE-II in silica are thus appealing for Si-based 3rd generation photovoltaic (PV) applications. The optimization of the coupling of this hybrid system strongly depends on the monitoring of the structural characteristics of the two populations of NCs at the subnanometric scale. Enhancement of the PL emission of SiNPs has been observed and is ascribed to AgNPs. This activity is supported since 2014 by the ANR project GENESE (Light management for the next generation of solar cells) coordinated by CIMAP in Caen.

Contact : marzia.carrada chez cemes.fr