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Nanomaterials for electronics - Introduction


The « Nanomaterials for Electronics » activity is mainly centered on materials science topics. The aim is to observe, quantitfy, understand or even model to optimize new processes, new structures and new materials to be used as building blocks for ultimate electronics. When it is useful, we extend to applications beyond the CMOS

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Ultimate electronics :


Beyond the CMOS :

  • Light emitting diodes and photovoltaics


Keywords :

  • ion implantation
  • stress transfer
  • chemical reactivity
  • semiconductors - Si, Ge, SiGe, Si/C
  • oxides - SiO2, HfO2, high-k
  • nitrides - SiN, TiN (m"tal de grille)
  • thin films, interfaces, nano-objetcs
  • experience - HRTEM, EELS, electron holography (DFEH), Raman, RX, electrical measurements (collaborations)
  • simulation and modeling strain by finite elements method, collisions by Monte Carlo methods


Based on this knowledge, we coordinate or participate to technological adventures aimed at installing and/or developping new materials and new processes relevant to the microelectronics industry. We have long lasting collaborations with major players in the field (applied research centers, founders and equipment suppliers), sustained by national (ANR), european or industrial contracts.


Contact : sylvie.schammchardon chez cemes.fr