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Physical Growth, UHV, Ion Implantation, near-field microscopy

Physical Growth


Sputtering, plasma-assisted vacuum deposition system, consists of bombarding the source material (i.e. target) with energetic ions in order to eject atoms which will condense on the substrate.

Typical applications include microelectronics, optic, mechanic and decorative.

This technique allows to give a new surface feature!


Plassys MP600S sputtering apparatus allows metallic and insulating thin films deposition



Ion Implantation


Ion implanter in CEMES is a VARIAN with a specificity: a Ultra Low Energy (ULE) to implant from 0.6 keV to 200 keV.

This tool is an implanter for Ion Beam Synthesis (IBS) for nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

The choice of the Ultra Low Energy (<5keV) Ion Beam Synthesis to produce nanocrystals:

  • Close to the surface and/or in thin layers
  • Provide Ultra Low Energy Ion Beam Synthesis (ULE-IBS) capabilities
  • Energy from 0.6 up to 200keV
  • An unique opened machine for ULE-IBS to produce controlled nanocrystals populations in a matrix