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PlasTips (2009-2013)

Plasmonic Tips for Near Field Optics

PlasTips (2009-2013)

Financement : ANR Blanc 2009

Correspondant CEMES : E. Dujardin

Partenaires :
ICB UMR 5209, Université de Dijon
Institut Néel, UPR 2940

Dates du projet : 01/09/2009 - 31/08/2013

The project PlasTips is devoted to the realization, characterization and optimization of plasmonic near field scanning probes.

Nanostructured metallic systems are well known to support surface plasmon polariton modes (SPP) that couples an electromagnetic wave to a collective oscillation of the free electrons of the metal. Such surface modes are characterized by strong electromagnetic field localization and enhancement so that they appear as very promising for high integrated photonics and in particular for optical probes. By depositing a metallic nanostructure on a sharply elongated optical fiber, it is possible to couple the electromagnetic fiber guided mode to the metallic structure plasmon mode. The PlasTips project proposes to optimize the coupling efficiency between the fiber guided mode and the metallic structure plasmon mode by appropriate structuration of the metal surface.