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Seminar Nicolas Large

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Dr. Nicolas Large

Department of Physics and Astronomy

The University of Texas at San Antonio 


« Plasmonic Properties of Metallic and Hybrid Nanostructures from Fundamental Physics to Applications. »


Nanophotonics has become a very active interdisciplinary research field during the past decades. With the development of new advent technologies, a deep understanding of the optical, electronic, thermal, and chemical properties of materials at the nanoscale became crucial. Furthermore, recent advances in the control of bottom-up and top-down nanofabrication techniques allow for the synthesis of novel materials, geometries, and devices at the nanoscale, thus revealing new physical effects and pushing away the limits of the Terra Incognita in nanosciences. The development of theoretical models, and the use of advanced numerical simulations and modeling, is necessary not only to correctly understand these new properties but also to guide experimentalists in the design of the future nanostructures and in the tailoring of new physical properties.

Here, I will present some recent work on plasmonic nanosystems and their use for localized surface plasmon resonance sensing, electron-based and surface-enhanced spectroscopies (EELS, CL, SERS, TERS, SHG), plasmonenhanced chemistry, control of light, optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications. Along the way, I will present some state-of-the-art study of fundamental physical processes in hybrid nanostructures such as plasmonvibration and plexcitonic couplings and novel computational and theoretical models and methods (EELS-FDTD, SHG, Raman Scattering).


Open to all conference - coffee served at 10:45 !

Contact : adnen.mlayah chez cemes.fr