Nanosciences group - GNS

The NanoSciences Group (GNS) is a multidisciplinary team comprising around forty researchers and technicians: chemists, physicist end theorists. Our objective is the exploration of mater properties at the nanometer/picometer scales, to imagine, fabricate and study molecular devices. We are developing the synthetic routes towards these nanomachines, together with all the modern nano-communication techniques (ultimate spectroscopy, atomic and molecular manipulation, atomic UHV nano-lithography) More…
to be able to measure, to control and to exchange information from and to a single (and always) the same well identified molecule. We are looking for the physical and chemical limits of these machines, and we are opening new ways to describe the properties of the intramolecular medium. We are also developing the technological tools for the ultimate miniaturization of computers and micro-robots. less...
  • Tools
  • Calculating molecules
  • Molecular machines
  • Plasmonics
  • Surface physics
  • Theory
  • Interconnection/addressing
  • Qbit
  • STM
  • QHC
  • Electron transfert
  • Transport
  • Image
  • QHC
  • Architecture