Marc Legros, a CEMES researcher, is awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Prize

26 February 2013
In recognition of the research he has conducted for the last 18 years, mainly at CEMES in Toulouse, Dr. Marc Legros has been awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel research prize from Germany’s Humboldt Foundation. This prize supports international scholars in all fields to carry out research in Germany, and for German scholars to go abroad.
Legros-Prix Bessel
The figure shows an array of gold micropillars made at CEMES in Toulouse and that will be tested in compression in Saarbrucken in the frame of this collaboration.

In this frame, Dr. Legros will be hosted by Prof. Eduard Arzt, head of the Institute for New Materials in Saarbrucken, for a period of 6 months starting in March 2013. A fruitful collaboration between the CEMES and the INM is expected, especially in the field of the properties of materials at small scale.