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Atom-Tech & Process

Atom-Tech & Process

The platform brings together a coherent set of equipments, services and skills allowing the development, characterization and design of materials at the micro and nanometric scale.
The platform is managed by Gregory Seine and coordinates 5 services:
-  Clean room Service, under the responsability of Sebastien Pinaud, with Christian Bourgerette, Laure Noé and Dominique Lamirault
-  Physical Growth, UHV, Ion Implantation Service, under the responsability of Beatrice Cambus, with Sophie Barre
-  Local probe microscopy Service, under the responsability of Gregory Seine
-  Chemical Synthesis Service, under the responsability of Christine Viala, with Tony Chevalier
-  Near-field and UHV Service, under the responsabilty of the CEMES director, with Jimmy Faria

Spread over more than 700 m², including more than 400 m² in a clean room, our experimental tools open the way for atom-by-atom built electronic circuits, for chemical synthesis of molecule-circuit or molecule-machine, as well as their electronic or mechanical interconnection, with picometric precision, by multiscale nano-fabrication techniques.

In addition, the ATP platform also brings together nanofabrication processes allowing the growth of thin metallic or insulating layers and the functional modification of substrates by ion implantation.

For the study and characterization of our achievements, near-field imaging and spectroscopy tools, as well as tools for measuring electrical transport at the macro or nanoscopic scale are available in ambient conditions or under ultrahigh vacuum at low temperature.