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CNT for catalysis

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rGO : reduced graphene oxyde, ORR : hydrogen oxidation reaction , PECNT : partially exfoliating multiwall carbon nanotubes, NS : nitrogen-sulphur

Durable fuel cells based on polymer coated nanocarbon composites

Through a program with India (IITM, S. Ramaprabhu), we aim to reduce the use of Pt and at the same time to improve the activity and durability of the catalyst in hydrogen fuel cells. Reducing the cost of hydrogen fuel cell electrodes and increasing the life cycle are two main challenges of fuel cell technology to be competitive with conventional technologies. This is realized by dispersing Pt alloy nanoparticles on highly active and stable heteroatoms incorporated ionomer coated polymer wrapped CNT/graphene based catalyst support. The improved substrate-catalyst interaction leads to a higher electrochemical surface area of the catalyst and enhance the ionic conductivity.