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Caractérisation des poudres

 This activity is driven by David Neumeyer.

The strong development of the techniques of elaborations of divided materials (Spray Pyrolysis, CVD, etc.) led to the joint development of the specific means of characterizations of powders within the CEMES.

Supported by more than a decade of activities within the framework of numerous collaborations of services and concerning a big variety of materials, the activity took benefit from the acquired experience on the specificities of the implementation of powders and suspensions.

Nowadays, it proposes the access to various techniques, such as gas-sorption, dynamic light scattering (DLS), laser granulometry, etc…

These techniques allow a macroscopic access to several essential properties in the understanding of the behaviour of the divided solids.

Combined to the other available techniques within the nanocharacterization pole of CEMES, they allow very complete studies of the powders.


List of the techniques available for the activity "characterization of powders " :

- Gas sorption (Nitrogen and Argon)

- Laser Granulometry (coupled with 750W ultrasounds probe)

- Dynamic light scattering

- Zeta Potential

- Titrimetry (acid-base)

- Differential thermal analysis

- Thermogravimetry

- Spectrofluorimetry UV-Vis

- Helium Pycnometry


Contact : David Neumeyer