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Coupling the AgNPs with light emitters

We have also coupled these embedded AgNPs to light emitters, i.e., SiNPs that have been synthesized at a controlled distance of the plasmonic the same dielectric matrix by co-implantating Si and Ag in silica through stencil masks.

By this way, it was possible to obtain two delta-layers of SiNPs and AgNPs, separated by 5 nm silica buffer layer (see figure below, left side). A photoluminescence enhancement has been observed only in the regions of the mask where Si nanoclusters are located at the vicinity of the AgNPs (see figure below, middle and right sides). The strong exaltation of the SiNPs PL induced by the presence of silver is due to plasmonic effect of AgNCs. Such architectures are suitable for light conversion layers application in third generation photovoltaics. 

Left : EFTEM image at 17 eV (Si plasmon) of the hybrid structure coupling two delta-layers (AgNPs in black contrast and SiNPs in white contrast); Middle: associated PL obtained at room temperature using a 532 nm laser line as excitation with X-Y map of the emission intensity obtained by integrating the signal between 600 and 750 nm; Right: PL spectra obtained by averaging the signal coming from SiNCs in the presence (A Zone) or the absence (B Zone) of AgNPs.

Hybrid systems with Ag nanocrystals and Si nanostructures synthesized by ultra-low-energy ion beam synthesis By: Carrada, M.; Salem, A. Haj; Pecassou, B.; et al. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 122, 103101 (2017).

Funding: ANR GENESE " Gestion de la lumière pour la future génération de cellules solaires" (2014-2018)