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Applications, devices, and demonstrators

W. Bacsa, M. Monthioux, P. Puech, V. Serin
This sub-topic aims at building devices to measure (nano)carbon properties and test their suitability as integrated components for devices, and more generally to hopefully demonstrate the ability of nanotructured carbons in being used in specific applications of any kind with some superiority over existing materials. Because this is where the highest chance for revealing unprecedented properties and behaviors lies, we focus on individual carbon nanoforms so far.

CNT for catalysis

Durable fuel cells based on polymer coated nanocarbon composites
Through a program with India (IITM, S. Ramaprabhu), we aim to reduce the use of Pt and at the same time to improve the activity (...)

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European project

Nanotechnology to invent and develop plastic materials with new added value: European Project nanoDesk - INTERREG – SUDOE. We aim to promote the applications of nanotechnologies and the use of (...)

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Membrane fabrication for multi-observation: use for collapsed carbon nanotubes

The strategy for obtaining dogbone nanotubes is to extract the concentric nanotubes (CNTs) from each other in a sample of multiwall CNTs. It is then possible to deposit them on a membrane (made (...)

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