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  • NanoCar Race

    NanoCar Race par CNRS-en 6:23, The first-ever international race of molecule-cars will take place at the CEMES laboratory in Toulouse this fall. Five teams are fine-tuning their cars—each made up of around a hundred atoms and measuring a few nanometers in length. They will be propelled by an electric current on a gold atom "race track." We take you behind the scenes to see how these researcher-racers are preparing for the NanoCar Race.


  • I2TEM, more than a microscope

    I2TEM, more than a microscope par CNRS
    6:33, a film by Luc Ronat and Christophe Gombert, coproduced by CNRS Images & CEMES
    The new Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) I2TEM is now working in CEMES. I2TEM is the result of cooperation between CEMES-CNRS and Hitachi High technology to design and build a unique Cold FEG TEM dedicated to electron interferometry, Lorentz imaging and in-situ experiments...