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Exhibition "Voir et concevoir l’invisible : Zoom sur le CEMES"

by PREVOTS Evelyne, PREVOTS Evelyne - published on , updated on

September,17 - November, 13

"Quai des Savoirs - Hall des manips"
39, allées Jules Guesde - Toulouse

Through interactive manipulations, scientific explanations, anecdotes and meetings with researchers, you are invited to dive into the heart of the matter by discovering the CEMES and its ultra-performing microscopes.

This exhibition was conceived on the occasion of the “Fête de la science” and its special operation around microscopy by Science Animation in partnership with the CEMES.

Contact : Evelyne.Prevots at cemes.fr

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Autumn 2016 is rich in events of scientific culture for the CEMES-CNRS around the exhibition " Voir et concevoir l’invisible : Zoom sur le CEMES".
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"Nuit des chercheurs"

Friday, September 30, 2016 (6 pm - midnight), more than 3000 visitors hurried to the Quai des savoirs!

To welcome them in mediation on the exhibition " Voir et concevoir l’invisible : Zoom sur le CEMES": Nicolas Bello, Patrick Benzo, Audrey Cochard, Cécile Marcelot, Jean-Philippe Monchoux, Evelyne Prévots.

Do not forget the stand "Les cristaux liquides ou l’art d’allier les contraires" by Michel MITOV

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"Cafés du Quai des savoirs" (Meetings - debates)

  • "Les cristaux liquides ? Des inconnus célèbres !" - Tuesday 27 September at 18:30 - By Michel Mitov
  • "La physique des gouttes" - Tuesday, October 11 at 6:30 pm - By Thierry Ondarçuhu
  • "Lumière sur les nanoparticules" - Tuesday 18 October at 18:30 - By Arnaud ARBOUET



"Fête de la science"

Meetings - debates at the Quai des savoirs:

  • "Picotechnologies : observer et manipuler un seul atome, une seule molécule. Pour quoi faire ?" - Saturday, October 15 at 3 pm - By André Gourdon
  • "Pourquoi c’est dur ou mou ? Ou la physique de la déformation" - Sunday, October 16 at 3 pm - By Frédéric Mompiou
  • "Utiliser les électrons pour voir les atomes de la matière. Le microscope électronique en transmission" - Sunday 16 October at 4 pm - By Florent Houdellier


"Tour de sciences à vélo": CEMES visit on 14 October


"Curieuse visite curieuse du CEMES": the principle? Scientist, comedian and guide-lecturer for a 3-voice visit



Special Issues

  • Comic book "Le Labo" by JY Duhoo published in Spirou October 2016

    As part of the special issue "Fête de la science" of the newspaper Spirou, discover the Centre d’élaboration de matériaux et d’études structurales (CEMES - CNRS) and its many microscopes in comic books, by the illustrator Jean-Yves Duhoo.


  • "Petit illustré Microscopie - Regards croisés de chercheurs"

    Discover all the facets of microscopy in Toulouse laboratories in the new Petit Microscope Illustré, co-published by the CNRS Midi-Pyrénées and La Dépêche du Midi.
    The CEMES contributed greatly to this edition by proposing several articles.