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11 September 2015

Iron-Gold core-shell nanocrystals : A question of balance

When forming iron-gold nanocrystals by nano-epitaxy, a CEMES team and its collaborators have just shown how the delicate balance between elasticity and surface energy can control the nature of the gold facets at the surface by promoting a Fe @ Au core-shell distribution. This work is published in Nanoletters.

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5 December 2014

Agreement signed between the CEMES-CNRS and the NAra Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

CNRS and the japanese university « Nara Institute of Science and Technology » (NAIST) have decided to commit themselves in a partnership which has been signed on the 27th of October, 2014. This (...)

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10 September 2014

Partnership agreement between the Japanese Company Hitachi High-Technologies and CNRS

The partnership agreement between the Japanese company HHT and CNRS, the representative of the CEMES laboratory, is the result of five years of concerted efforts in the field of electron (...)

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2 April 2014

Information processing with 2D plasmonic states

By controling the 2D growth of Au colloids and by studying teir non-linear optical properties, E. Dujardin, A. Arbouet, C. Girard et al. Demonstrate that plasmonic modes can be directly probed by optical microscopy. These results, published in Nature Materials, open the way to a new optical information paradigm based on the engineering of plasmonic modes.

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27 March 2014

Magnetic domain wall structure in a nano-cylinder

Scientists of the CEMES, in collaboration with scientists of the LSI Ecole Polytechnique, have succeeded in studying the variation of the 3D structure of a magnetic domain wall in nickel (...)

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19 September 2013

Counting Elementary Charges on Nanoparticles

Published in Physical Review Letters

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