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J. M. Poumirol Seminar


Dr. J. M. Poumirol

Department of Quantum Matter Physics, Université de Genève


"Non-reciprocal optical properties of graphene, and their manipulation using metasurfaces"



The terahertz range is lacking materials having the ability to affect the polarization state of the light in a non-reciprocal manner. Using broadband terahertz magneto-electro-optical spectroscopy, we have shown that in graphene both the magnetic circular dichroism and the Faraday rotation can be modulated in intensity, tuned in frequency and, importantly, inverted using only electrostatic doping at a fixed magnetic field. In addition, we studied the possibilities offered by different metasurfaces to circumvent intrinsic limitations that we observed in graphene. We were, for example, able to tune the Faraday rotation maximum above the cyclotron resonance energy and to fabricate a terahertz non-reciprocal isolator for circularly polarized light.



Arnaud Arbouet