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The NanoX project is both a laboratory of excellence (LabEx) and a graduate school of research (GSR/EUR). It brings together on the same campus in Toulouse about 500 physicists and chemists, and 800 students working and learning at the frontier of knowledge in the domains of nano-physics and nano-chemistry, condensed and “soft” matter physics, optics, and atomic/cluster physics.

The mastering of many aspects of the “Nano world”, from the elaboration of materials to their characterization by a whole variety of techniques, the study of matter in extreme conditions (very high magnetic field, very low temperature, ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution…), and the interplay between experimental and theoretical approaches constitute our trademark.

In Toulouse, physicists and chemists have been working hand-in-hand for more than ten years, sharing common research goals, mobilizing their knowledge and know how for technological and scientific innovation. To foster this dynamics, NanoX aims at developing ambitious scientific projects in order to bridge gaps and impulse collaborations between its teams, and above all, support new research axes and operations emerging from this dynamic interaction.

In addition, the graduate school strongly invests in the development of the attractiveness of the local masters and the doctoral school (master scholarships, experimental training programs, and links with the private sector…) as well as in building an innovative educational program based on learning by research.

Besides spectacular results on the development of knowledge in the field of science of Matter, NanoX helps to develop ambitious initiatives in the domain of the valorisation of its results ((creation of one or two start-ups per year in particular), and the diffusion of scientific knowledge toward a wide range of public.


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