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Molecular machines

Nanocar Races I & II

In 2013, GNS proposed the organization of a molecule-car race (http://www.cemes.fr/Molecule-car-Race) involving different molecule-vehicles driven one by one, at the same time, by pilots using (...)

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Molecular motors

Goal : convert an electron flux in a unidirectional rotation

A molecular motor schematized in between two nanoelectrodes

Successfully mastering the rotational movement of molecular motors at the nanometer scale and the single molecule will lead to the design of smaller and more energy efficient electronic and mechanical devices.

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From nanometer-sized wheels to molecular vehicles

Goal: to have molecules capable to move on a surface transporting other molecules

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Molecular gears

Goal: Intermolecular transfer of rotary motion in a train of single-molecule gears

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The design and synthesis of molecules able to undergo a precise mechanical movement is one of the key towards future molecular mechanical nanomachines. Our current aim is to transfer rotary motion in a train of gears over long distances.

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