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Master 2 Internships

Internships proposed in CEMES - 2020/2021



Photoluminescence imaging of quantum emitters – nanoantenna hybrid systems at sub-wavelength resolution

Vincent Paillard - vincent.paillard at cemes.fr & Jean-Marie Poumirol - jean-marie.poumirol at cemes.fr



Thermo-migration at the nanoscale

Nicolas Combe - nicolas.combe at cemes.fr


Optical studies of 2D perovskites

Pascal Puech - pascal.puech at cemes.fr & Adnen Mlayah - adnen.mlayah at cemes.fr


Magnetic configurations and magnetic reversal process in Artificial Spin Ice studied by electron holography

Christophe Gatel - christophe.gatel at cemes.fr & Etienne Snoeck - etienne.snoeck at cemes.fr


Quantitative X-Ray diffraction analysis of Phase Change Materials Ge2Sb2Te5

Nicolas Ratel-Ramond - nicolas.ratel-ramond at cemes.fr & Alain Claverie - alain.claverie at cemes.fr


Nanofabrication and optical characterization of modal plasmonic logic devices

Erik Dujardin - erik.dujardin at cemes.fr


Nano-optics with femtosecond electron pulses in an Ultrafast Electron Microscope

Sophie Meuret - Sophie Meuret & Arnaud Arbouet - Arnaud Arbouet 


Artificial intelligence for electron microscopy 

Kilian Gruel - Kilian Gruel & Christophe Gatel - Christophe Gatel & Martin Hÿtch - Martin Hÿtch


Lens free imaging of nanoparticles

Wolfgang Bacsa - Wolfgang Bacsa