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Molecular cars on the starting line

The NanoCar Race, the smallest car race in the world, is back to CEMES on March 24 and 25. For the occasion, in the framework of the European project MEMO, eight international teams, including one from our laboratory, will be at the start of this 24-hour competition, which will be controlled from the iconic Boule : this is where the eight teams will remotely pilot their molecule, which remains in their laboratory, in the ultra-high vacuum and ultra-cold of a scanning tunneling microscope.

In an interview with the Journal du CNRS, Christian Joachim, researcher at CEMES and organizer of the event, explains the ins and outs of this event.

Discover it here (in French)


The 8 competing molecules 
 IC/IPMC CNRS Strasbourg ; IMDEA Madrid/Univ. Linköping ; Technical Inst./CFAED Univ. Dresde ; NIMS Tsukuba ; Univ.Paul-Sabatier/CEMES CNRS Toulouse/NAIST Nara ; Ohio Univ. ; Rice Univ./Graz Univ. ; CFM DIPC CSIS San Sebastian/CIQUS Univ. Santiago de Comp..