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New doctors at CEMES : interviews


They spent a few years at CEMES where they prepared and defended a thesis, then they left the lab to pursue their career.

Before their departure, we asked them about their experiences as apprentice researchers.


Meiling Zhang, PhD defended on April 8, 2022


Qilin Zou, PhD defended on January 28, 2022




 Romain Gautier, PhD defended on January 28, 2022



Mohanad Alchaar, PhD defended on December 16, 2020



Guillaume Noircler, PhD defended on December 8, 2020



Melvyn Larranaga, PhD defended on December 8, 2020



Laureen Moreau, PhD defended on December 4, 2020



Germercy Paredes, PhD defended on October 28, 2020



Mia Andersen, PhD defended on October 26, 2020



Ségolène Combettes, PhD defended on October 16, 2020