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Nickel base superalloys

Ageing elementary mechanisms of Nickel base superalloys

Staff : Armand Coujou, Joël Douin, Lise Durand, Florence Pettinari-Sturmel
Ph.D. students & Postdocs : Muriel Hantcherli

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Micro mécanisme de déformation en plasticité confinée : observation sous contrainte de la décorellation du mouvement des dislocations et modélisation (en pointillés) de la situation

The nickel-based superalloys are two-phase materials. The hardening precipitates γ’ (L12 ordered of Ni3Al type) are embedded in the short range ordered γ phase.

These alloys are used in the warmest part of the turboreactors. They can be classified in two parts : the polycristalline superalloys for turbine disc application and the single crystals for turbine blade application.

Because they are used in extreme temperatures and stress conditions, the superalloys age. This ageing is at the origin of important morphological modifications, which strongly affect the stability and the security of the air transport.


Then, the elementary mechanisms responsible for these evolutions need to be understood, by combining a nano and micro scale approach.

In addition, the study and the modelling of the mechanical behavior at different scales : micro, meso and macroscopic, are essential as well as the relationship between these observation scales.


Research Topic :

  • Elementary mechanisms and destabilization of the rafting in relation with the order quality in single crystal nickel base superalloys.
  • Ageing mechanisms and associated deformation micro-mechanisms in bimodal precipitation superalloys for disc application.
  • Modelling the mechanical behavior of nickel base superalloys by finite element method (FEM).


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