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Optics and Magnetism

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 The Optical platform or “Optical Service” has been created in January 2016. It is composed of all the optical experiments developed in CEMES and is opened to internal to the lab users as well as external ones. Optical properties of various samples/nano-objects are characterized mainly using our 4 confocal Raman spectrometers in the visible and UV range. Other possibilities involve near-field scattered light cartography or femtosecond to picosecond ultra-short dynamics measurements. People are allowed to directly access our equipment in the case of the standard optical spectroscopy or in collaboration with the people in charge as specified in the following figure :

The platform’s people provide training to users for standard experimental setups such as the far-field confocal spectroscopy. Our team deals mainly with instruments maintenance and experimental development in close collaboration with research groups in CEMES : NeO, M3, GNS and I3EM.

  • People

The platform is currently supervised by Pr. Adnen Mlayah. Two assistant engineers (Sébastien Moyano and Frédéric Neumayer) are taking care of the far-field optical spectroscopy instruments. Finally, Sébastien Weber, contractual research engineer, is in charge of the experimental development and is specialized in femtosecond non-linear techniques.