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The PS2I service (Properties, Structure Surface and Imaging) gathers a wide number of independant experimental techniques for material characterization with for common objective to offer a pluridisciplinary appraoch for materials characterization. The PS2I service can offer its skills for simple studies requiring one technique but can also undertake long term projects involving several characterization techniques. It is organized by N. Ratel-Ramond and take advantages of the indivdual skiils of its members: David Neumeyer for the characterization of powder materials, Christophe Deshayes for mechanical testing and SEM observations, Grégory Seine (50%) for Near field microscopy techniques, Frédéric Neumayer (50%) for experimental support and Nicolas Ratel-Ramond for X-ray characterization techniques.


Activity driven by Nicolas Ratel-Ramond.
The X-ray activity gives access to the scientific community of the CEMES and its partners different techniques using X-ray scattering. Equipped with 5 (...)

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Powder characterization

This activity is driven by David Neumeyer.
The strong development of the techniques of elaborations of divided materials (Spray Pyrolysis, CVD, etc.) led to the joint development of the specific (...)

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