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Patrick Calupitan receives C’Nano thesis prize 2018

The national network C’Nano awarded Patrick Calupitan the C’Nano 2018 Thesis prize under the category “Interdisciplinary research” for his work performed in CEMES.

Patrick is the first student enrolled in the double degree program between NAIST (Japan) and University of Paul Sabatier. He defended his dissertation last January 25, 2018. He spent 18 months in CEMES under the international collaborative laboratory agreement NAIST@CEMES. His work consisted of synthesizing new photochromic molecules designed to be deposited on surfaces and studying them with a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) under low-temperature ultra-high-vacuum conditions (LT-UHV). He is the author of 8 publications, five of which were directly related to his work in CEMES.

The prize will be officially conferred in Toulon on December 12, 2018 during the C’Nano 2018 conference.

Patrick Calupitan is a currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Photophysique et photochimie supramoléculaires et macromoléculaires (PPSM) laboratory in Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay.


Contact : Patrick Calupitan