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PhD defense - Mia Andersen

PhD Defense

"2D and 3D quantitative TEM mapping of magnetic CoNi nanowires"




 The jury will be composed of : 

- Prof. Martha McCartney, University of Arizona, USA (Referee)
- Dr. César Magén, Instituto de Nanociencia y materiales de Aragón - CSIC, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain (Referee)
- Dr. Agustina Asenjo, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid - CSIC, Spain (Jury) 
- Prof. Julian Carrey, Institut National de Sciences Appliquées, Toulouse (Jury) 
- Dr. Christophe Gatel, CEMES, Toulouse (Thesis supervisor)
- Dr Etienne Snoeck, CEMES, Toulouse (Thesis supervisor)
- Dr. Axel Lubk, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research - IFW, Dresden, Germany (invited)
- Dr. Aurélien Masseboeuf, Spintec - CEA, Grenoble (invited)
- Dr. Thomas Blon, LPCNO, Toulouse (Invited)


The defense will be done in the "salle de conférences" and everyone is welcome.