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PlasQuant (2014-2016)


Financement : Labex NEXT Emergence 2013

Correspondant CEMES : A. Cuche

Partenaires : CEMES

Dates du projet : 01/04/2014 - 01/04/2016

Site Web : www.next-toulouse.fr


Quantum plasmonics aims to develop in ultra-confined geometries the usual concepts of quantum optics by the mean of metallic nanostructures. In order to enter this elementary excitation regime, the different coupling parameters (spatial, spectral and temporal) between a single photon emitter and a colloidal plasmonic structure have to be defined and then carefully characterized.

The development of this disruptive project will face technological and fundamental challenges that will have to be overcome like the ongoing question about dissipation/decoherence intrinsic link.