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The purpose of the research on plasmo-electronics is to investigate and use the conversion of light into electric current by exploiting plasmonic resonances in self-arranged nanoparticle assemblies. The studies under applied stress and optical illumination are coupled with the electrical measurements which allows to address the fundamental mechanisms at the origin of the photocurrent generated in the nanoparticle assemblies. This research topic is conducted in collaboration with the LPCNO, Toulouse (Pr. J. Grisolia).

Contact : adnen.mlayah[at]cemes.fr

Figure 1 : Left : (top) Full-scale electronic microscopy image of the sample geometry. (bottom) Electronic microscopy image of a suspended film made of metallic nanoparticles. Right : Sketch of the plasmo-électronics experiments. © CEMES-CNRS


Figure 2 : Plasmonic photo-capacitance measurements in self-assembled gold nanoparticles under applied tensile stress. © CEMES-CNRS



[1] H. Nesser et al., Materials Today Nano 4, 38 (2018).