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Prize for the Best Presentation at the Ion Implantation Technology Conference

Materials Science behind the SmartCutR process revealed.

The mechanisms by which H ion implantation and thermal annealing leads to the fracture of thin layers of silicon are complex and involve different defects, complexes, nanoprecipitates and microcracks, acting at different time and space scales. We show that the nucleation and growth of over-pressurized microcracks results from elastic interactions between neighbouring nanoplatelets, leading to their coalescence.

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After Taiwan in 2016 and before San Diego in 2020, the biennial Ion Implantation Technology Conference was held from 17th to 21st of September In Wurtzburg, Germany. The historical IIT Conferences are open forum for discussion of major challenges in current and emerging technologies related to the tools and processes for ion implantation, annealing of semiconductors, and non-semiconductors, implanted devices, metrology of implanted layers and devices, as well as methods related to ion implantation.

During IIT 2018, CEMES’ work on hydrogen implantation in silicon was enlightened with Nikolay Cherkashin’s invited presentation « Materials Sciences aspects of the Smart Cut process » and a contributing oral presentation by Alain Claverie entitled « Thermal Evolution of H-related defects in H-implanted Si: from nanoplatelets to microcracks ». Based on the statistical analysis of populations of nano-platelets at the onset of their transformation into micro-cracks, it was demonstrated that microcracks do not result from the regular diffusive growth of platelets but instead from collective elastic interactions within groups of neighboring platelets, leading to their coalescence. In situ TEM, has confirmed this mechanism, direclty showing the nucleation and growth of cracks of micrometer dimensions from nano-platelets of about 50 nm in diameter.

At the end of the conference, the International Committee awarded Alain CLAVERIE from CEMES-CNRS Toulouse with the Prize for the Best Presentation.


Contacts: Alain Claverie and Nikolay Cherkashin