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Quantum Communications

Towards molecular spin chains

Covalent network of coordination complexes on metallic surfaces

We develop the on-surface synthesis of metal ion super-arrays starting from coordination complexe precursors. to create ordered molecular magnetic spin networks. The assemblies are studied by LT-UHV-STM.

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Synthesis of acenes beyond pentacene

The field of long acenes, the narrowest of the zig-zag graphene nanoribbons, has been an area of significant interest in the past decade due to potential applications in organic electronics, spintronics and plasmonics. However their low solubility and high reactivity has so far hindered their preparation on large scales.

Contact: André.Gourdon[at]cemes.fr

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Metallic nano-islands on bulk insulators

Flat metallic islands on an insulating substrate can be used as electrons reservoir to contact a molecule or a graphene nanoribbon in a planar geometry for molecular applications. The challenge (...)

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