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SPP (2014-2016)

Single Photon Plasmonics

Financement : TT INTER’LABS 2013

Correspondant CEMES : V. Perraut-Bertrand

Partenaires : CEMES

Dates du projet : 01/05/2014 - 01/05/2016


Quantum plasmonics combines the complexity of controlling light quantum behavior down to the single photon level with supporting plasmonic metal circuitry that can propagate this quantum information.

The SPP project aims to address these critical issues by developing strategies to elaborate efficient hybrid ensembles that will play the role of elementary building blocks for more complex architectures of optical information processing. This will be done by the mean of an original combination of ionic implantation of impurities in CVD diamond coupled to crystalline gold nanostructures on the same sample to ensure an optimized positioning.