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Sample preparation service

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Sample preparation is the essential activity that precedes electron microscopy observations. Conventional methods consist of polishing the sample’s surface for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observations or thinning samples until a few nanometers thick for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observations. However, sample preparation can be more exotic according to the issues involved.

The service offers to the laboratory many tools and different preparation techniques that are taught to students and those wishing to be trained.

Whether a conventional or a more modern approach is taken, sample preparation requires from the operator a high precision, tact and patience!


  • Equipments :



Cutting tools :

ONA AF25 wire electrical discharge machine (equipment at 50% in the mechanical department)

ESCIL Well diamond wire saw BUEHLER IsoMet 4000 disc cutter


Mechanical polishing
ESCIL 300GTL, 200GTL polishers ALLIED Multiprep semi-automatic polisher BUEHLER Phoenix 4000 polisher 
BUEHLER VibroMet2 vibrating polisher GATAN Grinder SOUTH BAY TECHNOLOGY Tripod Polisher Model 590
GATAN Dimpler Grinder Model 656
Optical Microscopes
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) 
NIKON Eclipse LV100ND

NIKON Eclipse MA200

FEI Helios Nanolab 600i

- SEM column

- FIB column

- Omniprobe micromanipulator

- 5 GIS (gas injection system) : Pt, W, C, Co et O2

- detectors : EBSD, STEM, CBS

Hot coating  Ion polishing
 STRUERS TenuPol-5  BUEHLER SimpliMet XPS1

 GATAN PIPS Model 691


  • Staff

    Dominique Lamirault


    Catherine Crestou


    Robin Cours