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Séminaire Aurélie Marchaudon

"Les séminaires du CEMES" - Séminaire ouvert à tous - venez nombreux


Charged particle "optic" with Earth magnetic field


Dr. Aurélie Marchaudon, IRAP/CNRS et OMP (Toulouse)


Space Plasma Physics aims at understanding the coupling between charged particles and electromagnetic fields in the spatial environment of the Sun and of the different solar system planets, especially the Earth. Understanding the interactions between the solar expanding atmosphere, called solar wind and the planets’ environment (magnetized or not) is one of the major interest in this field. After describing the dynamics of the Earth’s spatial environment caused by typical solar wind properties, the response to solar storm events will also be presented and consequences for human activities will be quickly summarized. Finally, solar coupling with a few other planets will be rapidly introduced and compared to the terrestrial case.



Un café+croissant sera servi dans le hall à partir de 10h45.



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