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Séminaire Bruno Guillotin

"Les séminaires du CEMES" - Séminaire ouvert à tous - venez nombreux


Dr. Bruno Guillotin


Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences Végétales (LRSV), Mycorhization team. Toulouse.


"Translated or not translated that is the question : towards the discovery of new peptides regulating gene expression and plant development."


In all living organisms, genes are traditionally transcripted from DNA into messenger RNA and then translated into proteins. But in reality it is not that straightforward. Indeed a lot of other types of RNA have been identified in cells and have a plethora of roles, notably as gene regulators. This class of RNA has been for a long time called non-coding RNA. But for the past few years, many non-coding RNA were found to be translated into proteins or into peptides (small proteins).

The current burning question in the world of RNA is : what is actually translated into protein ?

In this seminar I want to introduce to you the new findings that break the traditional dogmata about what type of sequence is, in fact, really translated. Then I will talk about a new type of peptide called miPEP, found in our lab, and that can directly and specifically regulates certain gene types. We currently experiment the use of these miPEPs to modify temporally the plant gene expression and thereby their growth.


Un café+croissant sera servi dans le hall à partir de 10h45.



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