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Séminaire du jeudi - "How can insects navigate so well in complex environment ?"

"Les séminaires du CEMES" - Open seminar - Enjoy !

Antoine Wystrach

Centre de recherches sur le comportement animal (CRCA) – CNRS/Université Paul Sabatier

Insects are often seen as small automatons guided by their instinct. In reality, they demonstrate unsuspected cognitive abilities : they constantly learn, integrates multimodal information and make decisions in ambiguous situations. How do they perceive the world through their faceted eyes ? What information do they memorise ? Are there points in common with the way we humans understand our environment ? Or is it another intelligence, totally foreign to ours ? We will try to understand the principles underlying their cognitive capacities : how they emerge from their brains, develop within individuals and evolve through the generations. As everywhere in the living world, the solution involves a subtle interaction between flexibility and determinism, where genes and environments waltz to the edge of chaos and make their complexity emerge. 

 Meet at 10:30 outside the front door of CEMES for a cup of coffee !


Magali Benoit

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