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Structural work-hardening - Presentation

New approach of structural work-hardening in aeronautic alloys

Staff : Armand Coujou, Joël Douin, Marion Le Fournier, Florence Pettinari-Sturmel, Christophe Gatel, Vanessa Vidal (Mines Albi)

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Observation en MEHR d’un carbure de taille nanométrique dans un acier

The aeronautic industry aims at developing new metallic alloys combining a good mechanical strength and a low density. Structural work hardening is one of the most effective methods to optimize the applications where the need to reduce the weight of the structures imposes significant improvements in mechanical properties.

The exceptionally good structural work-hardening of last generation aluminium alloys and steels find their origin in nanometric precipitation. To understand the macroscopic mechanical properties of these alloys, fine analysis are undergone, at a scale that requires up-to-date characterization techniques.

These studies not only allow to determine the the size, volume fracion of nanoprecipitates, distances between them, and the orientation relationship between the precipitates and the matrix, but also the stresses generated by the precipitates in the matrix, as well as their resistance.


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