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Structural work-hardening: Stress-field/precipitation relationship

Stress field / precipitation relationship in steels and aluminium alloys.

Staff: Joël Douin, Florence Pettinari-Sturmel, Christophe Gatel, Florent Houdellier
Ph.D. students & Postdocs: Marion Le Fournier

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Phase transformations that take place at the atomic scale are the results of complex industrial processes and involve processes where both temperature and stress act simultaneously. In order to optimize the mechanical properties of alloys, there is a need for quantitative predictive models.

Actually the role of the stress during precipitation is rarely taken into account, although it is a key parameter influencing both the structure and the chemical composition of precipitates. Indeed, during the early stages of precipitation, nano-particles shape (platelet, sphere,…) and chemical composition are very badly understood: due to their size they are much likely to be influenced by the surrounding matrix for chemical (bonds between matrix and precipitates) and mechanical reasons (misfit between precipitate and matrix,…).


The objective of this study is to better understnad the interaction between precipitation and stress in order to explain the shapeand chemistry of the observed nano-precipitates, and in fine the interaction of the dislocations, which control the deformation.



P. Donnadieu (LTPCM – SIMAP – Grenoble)