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The support cluster of the CEMES/CNRS laboratory is composed of 3 units that carry out service assignments to the whole scientific community :

  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • IT department






This unit, composed of 5 people, aims at providing the financial management in the laboratory.

- Management dialogue, budget application, statement of account

- Budget implementation, analytical expenses and accounting / accounts follow-up

- Execution of all the scientific community’s assignments and placement of orders related to functioning and equipment

- Justification of research projects

- Financial management of all the units supporting research

- Financial management of the laboratory’s infrastructure

- Regulation follow-up as part of the procedures related to the laboratory’s purchases and drawing up of PUMA, RECA and other calls for bids




This unit, composed of 4 people, aims at managing the infrastructures of the laboratory that the CNRS owns.

- Management of the laboratory’s technical, logistic and community infrastructures (fluids, energies, ordinary maintenance, required checks)

- Support to research teams for the organization of the rooms in the laboratory, advice and assistance in its area of expertise

- Follow up and check of the works carried out on the laboratory’s technical installations and on the maintenance of the whole campus (buildings, entrances, park and lawns).

- Management of the laboratory’s reception and of the booking of the meeting rooms, stamping and sending mail, receiving parcels and deliveries


IT department


- physical and virtual infrastructure

- administration, management and maintenance of systems

- security of ICT systems

- network appliances and firewalling

- IP telephony and videoconference

- access control system to the laboratory

- installation and updates of office software applications

- installation and updates of scientific software application

- maintenance of the access to the Xlab archives

- computing of a MPI scientific code

- maintenance of small HPC machines

- development, maintenance, administration and hosting of the laboratory Intranet website and of the information documents

- development, maintenance, administration and hosting of collaborative websites related to scientific projects and to seminars in the laboratory

- conception of bills of specifications and evaluation of calls for bids

- training and external relations

- support and community assistance, estimates and advice to users

- conception of the documentation related to the deployed services (Wiki)

- management of the users’ ICT stock

- management of the printers and copiers

- technological surveillance