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The Alfred Bader (Sigma-Aldrich) prize awarded to Andrej Jancarik

The Alfred Bader (Sigma-Aldrich) prize has been awarded to Andrej Jancarik, post-doc in the CEMES-GNS group

This prize, the most prestigious award for young chemists, has been at the 53rd Conference: Advances in Organic, Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry – “Liblice 2018” on 3 November in Lazne Belohrad, Czech Republic. http://www.uochb.cz/liblice2018/info.php

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Andrej Jancarik (center) during the award ceremony, together with Irena Stara (left) and Ivo Stary (right), heads of the Chemistry of Functional Molecules Research Group at Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Praha, Czech Republic.

The price Alfred Bader was founded and is supported financially since 1994. Dr. Alfred Bader, is the founder of Aldrich (now Sigma-Aldrich), which is known to chemists as the largest manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals for research purposes. Dr. Alfred Bader, himself also an organic chemist, created this award for young Czech organic chemists and supports talented Czech chemistry students during their studies in the USA and the UK (Bader scholarship to Harvard University, Columbia University, Imperial College of London and the University of Pennsylvania) and young scientists (Bader Award for Organic Chemistry and Bader Award for bioorganic chemistry).


Contact: André Gourdon