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Understanding the elementary mechanisms of stress induced grain boundary migration

N. Combe (SiNano), M. Legros (PPM), F. Mompiou (PPM)
Nanocrystalline metals have outstanding mechanical properties but elementary mechanisms are far from being understood as well as (...)

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INCA INfluence of local Chemistry on the mechanical behavior of metallic Alloys

Coordinators: F. Pettinari-Sturmel (PPM), B. Warot-Fonrose (I3EM).
M. Hantcherli, J. Douin, J-P. Monchoux, A. Couret, M. Legros (PPM) M. Brunet, P. Sciau (M3) C. Marcelot, : S. (...)

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Unraveling the atomistic mechanisms of Ag+ release through a silica matrix for controlled anti-bacterial properties

Coordinators: M. Benoit (SINanO) et C. Bonafos (NeO)
Participants: N. Tarrat (SINanO) et A. Mlayah (NeO)
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are widely used in health-care sector and (...)

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