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Thin film CNT/PEEK

The formation of uniform dispersions from agglomerated carbon nanotubes in polymers is a major challenge for their use in composites. We show that agglomerated carbon nanotubes on top of Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone (PEEK), a high performance thermoplastic polymer, are efficiently incorporated into the surface when annealing. Annealing is found to disperse carbon nanotubes surprisingly well and a surface composite of about 200nm (initial thickness of the CNT film) is formed. The tube dispersion is found to depend on tube type (multi, double or single walled). Electrical resistance measurements at percolation show strong sensitivity to deformation, reversible with small bending. We believe that controlled dispersion on the surface of a thermoplastic polymer is a promising system for sensing applications.

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310. Contrast analysis (cyan corresponds to average value and dark blue to standard deviation) of annealed film of nanotubes on a PEEK surface. The thickness of the film is about 200nm.