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Thursday seminar - Let’s practice science through fiction

Thursday, November 18, 2021, 11am, coffee served by 10h30

by Roland Lehoucq,
astrophysicist at the CEA in Paris-Saclay and a specialist in the links between science and science fiction.



Presentially and by Zoom :
ID meeting : 980 2691 7398
Secret code : W90Ga2


Science fiction works are full of references to science and technology. I will show that SF movies are good pretexts to approach current scientific knowledge by awakening curiosity, developing critical thinking and the ability to analyze a problem and, above all, by having fun with science.

This approach will be widely illustrated by examples taken from the famous film saga Star Wars, the blockbuster Avatar or superhero films. What is the Force that the Jedi knights use ? Where is the planet Pandora ? Where does Superman’s strength come from ?

Surprisingly enough, this questioning transforms the spectator into a "researcher" who leads the investigation and whose intellectual approach is similar to that of a scientist...