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Transmission Electron Microscopy

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The transmission electron microscopy service (TEM) provides access to 6 METs (the CM20, CM30, JEM2010, TECNAIF20, CM20FEG, HF3300 I2TEM) with 2 image mode aberrations corrected machines (TECNAIF20 and HF3300I2TEM). Access is open to internal users in the laboratory as well as external ones through METSA and ESTEEM2 platforms,

The service provides also a complete set of training for users who desire to become independent on a machine. Training can be performed for all techniques possible with the CEMES microscopes (CTEM, diffraction (convergent, parallel beam, and precession), HREM, STEM-EELS, EFTEM, electron Holography, ...).

The service ensures the regular maintenance and, in close collaboration with the CEMES tem-user community, decides and implements any technical evolution of the TEMs. A wide set of sample holders are also available in the service, to be able to perform in situ experiments (temperature, traction, current injection, STM, nanoindentation, ...)

In close collaboration with the I3EM group, the service also participates in various instrumental and methodological developments related to transmission electron microscopy.

The service consists of a manager (Florent Houdellier, CNRS Research Engineer) and two engineers (Sébastien Joulié, CNRS Study engineer, technical responsible of the 3MeV building TEMs (CM30, JEM2010, TECNAIF20)) and Cécile Marcelot (Engineer under contract, technical responsible of the Sphere building TEMs (CM20FEG, CM20, I2TEM)).


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Sphere bulding : from left to right : CM20FEG, CM20 and I2TEM

3MeV bulding : from left to right : CM30, TECNAIF20 and JEM2010


  • Staff

Florent Houdellier

IR (service manager)

Sébastien Joulié

IE (Microscopes 3MeV)

Cécile Marcelot

IE (Microscopes sphère)