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Activity driven by Nicolas Ratel-Ramond.

The X-ray activity gives access to the scientific community of the CEMES and its partners different techniques using X-ray scattering. Equipped with 5 instruments, the CEMES offers a wide range of techniques, from phase analysis to the investigation of amorphous materials and the investigation of systems at the nanometer scale.


The experimental techniques available are

  • powder diffraction (Bragg-Brentano set-up and micron sized beam)
  • residual stress determination
  • pole figure measurement and crystallographic texture determination
  • small angle scattering (investigation of nanometric inhomogeneities in specimen)
  • wide angle x-ray scattering (Pair Distribution Function approach)


The CEMES is strongly involved in the nano-X project, consisting in the development of a platform giving access to cutting edge techniques. In this frame, the CEMES can access other X-Ray equipments allowing :

  • structure determination from single crystal X-Raydiffraction
  • strain measurements in epitaxial films
  • in-situ measurements (high temperature, corrosive atmosphere...)

Contact : Nicolas Ratel-Ramond

Website : http://www.nanox.sites.cemes.fr/