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Jérôme Lagoute Seminar

"Electronic interaction of organic molecules with nitrogen doped graphene"

Conference from Prof. Kazushi Kinbara

"Multiblock amphiphilic molecules mimicking structure and function of membrane proteins"

Dr. Hugues DUFFAU seminar

"From localizationism to a to a theory in meta-networks organization of human brain fonctions"

Jean-Marie Poumirol Seminar

"Scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy: spectroscopic imaging with spatial resolution below the diffraction (...)

Dr. Hugues DUFFAU seminar

"From localizationism to a connectomal organization of human brain"

Prof. T. Nakashima seminar

Role of chirality in functional properties of self-assembly systems

Thierry Ruchon seminar

"The Attosecond regime"

Prof. Ramaprabhu seminar

"Carbon nanomaterials for clean energy generation & storage"

Pr. Younes Abid Seminar

"Hybrid Organic - Inorganic perovskites and their Derivatives: Promising materials for photovoltaic and Optoelectronic (...)

Julien Le Sommer seminar

Earth and climate science and the age of big data : opportunities and challenges

Seminar Thibaut Devolder

"Material developments and nanosecond-scale switching process in perpendicularly magnetized STT-MRAM cells"

Seminar Renaud Bachelot

"Hybrid nanoplasmonics based on nanoscale photo polymerization"

Pr. Kazuma Yasuhara


Martin Bowen (IPCMS)


Shun HIROTA (NAIST, Japan)


Seminar Fédérico Capasso (2)

Structured light with Metasurfaces

Fédérico Capasso Seminar

Flat Optics with Metasurface

Seminar Jun Lou

Defect and Strain Engineering of Two Dimensional Materials

Seminar Nicolas Large

Plasmonic Properties of Metallic and Hybrid Nanostructures

Seminar Kari Dalnoki-Veress

"Soft Materials at surfaces and interfaces"

Seminar Emmanuel FLAHAUT

Carbon nanotubes

Seminar Christophe CLANET

Physics of weightlifting

Seminar Gianluigi Botton

From Catalysis to Plasmonics: Probing the Structure of Nanoscale Materials with STEM and EELS

Seminar John Flynn

Sub-micron and nano 3 & 4D imaging X-ray microscopy

Seminar Etienne Brasselet

Selective optical manipulation of chiral micro-objects by chiral light

Conference Prof. Andrew Teplyakov

Seminar Dr Makoto Naruse

Intelligent Nanophotonic Architecture

Seminar Matthieu Gounelle

Solar system genealogy revealed by extinct short-lived radionuclides in meteorites

Larysa Khomenkova Talk

Semiconductor nanoclusters/nanocrystals embedded in oxide films grown by magnetron sputtering

Seminar Walter KOB

The glass transition: New insights into an old problem

Seminar Dr. Michito Yoshizawa

Functional Molecular Architectures Based on Multi-Anthracene Assemblies.

Seminar Philippe LAUDET

A French seismometer on Mars with InSight NASA mission - conference open to all

Seminar A. Checco

Nanopatterned surfaces for controlling interfacial wetting and self-assembly of soft matter.