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GNS: Nanosciences Group

The NanoSciences Group (GNS) is a multidisciplinary team involving chemists, surface physicists and theoreticians. Our objective is to achieve a complex function such as the long-distance transfer of electronic, optical, or magnetic information, a Boolean logic function, a mechanical motion, or a transduction either within a single molecule or using the smallest possible number of atoms.
To address such a function, the molecular-size object is integrated into a multi-scale and, ultimately, coplanar architecture. Therefore, we develop radically new technologies such as single atom manipulation or on-surface chemistry and we push the frontier of nanopatterning techniques towards ultimate dimensions.
In so doing and for either approach, major challenges are encountered around 10 nm, where classical physics meets quantum physics.

The research activity in GNS follows four main directions:
• Long-distance transfer of quantum information (Quantum communication)
• Control of state space in atomic, molecular and plasmonic circuits (Quantum Logic)
Molecular machines
• Atom technology on surface and under ultra-high vacuum (Atom technology)