Since 2021, Chimie et Société Occitanie has had its headquarters at CEMES, interacting with the laboratory’s community of chemists to welcome the public during events such as the Fête de la science.

The association, created in 2009, is the regional branch of the Chemistry and Society Commission of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie. It works to explain the scientific data underlying the debates in society in the region of Occitania, to make them accessible, in particular through a motivating and attractive popularisation approach.

Developments in science and technology are giving rise to a large number of societal expectations: the dissemination of scientific and technical culture has become an imperative, particularly in the context of the multiplication of modern communication media on which fake news is flourishing. An enlightened democratic debate implies that scientists can share their knowledge with citizens, in order to broaden their capacity to question and reason about scientific advances.

Chimie et Société Occitanie offers events led by academic scientists in public, school, institutional, association or industrial settings. Its activities appear in the activity reports of the laboratory that hosts it.

Since 2009, more than 180 activities have been organised, including 30 events for the general public accompanied by 60 documents (articles, videos, posters) or oral communications (conferences, interviews) on chemistry. The aim of these actions is to disseminate and promote the culture of our discipline among pupils, students and citizens at regional and national level. To carry out these actions, the association has been supported by European (ERDF), national (institutional/associative), regional (institutional/associative) and industrial funding.


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