PhD defense of Elio Karim

Friday, December 15 at 9.30am in the CEMES conference room

Developing (Cryogenic) Electron Holography for the Study of Biological Materials

The jury will consist of:
Mr. Angus KIRKLAND, Reporter (Oxford, UK)
Mr. Daniel LÉVY, Reporter (Institut Curie, Paris)
Mrs. Anne-Marie GUÉ, Examiner (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse)
Mr. Sergio MARCO GARRIDO, Examiner (SANOFI, Lyon)
Mr. Etienne SNOECK, Thesis Director (CEMES, Toulouse)
Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel GLEIZES, Thesis Co-director (CBI, Toulouse)
in addition to three invited members : Célia Plisson-Chastang (CBI, Toulouse), Christophe Gatel (CEMES, CBI) et Amélie Leforestier (LPS, Paris).

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