PhD defense of Benoît Mansoz

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at 10am in the CEMES conference room

Deformation micromechanisms and tensile properties of advanced single-crystal nickel-based superalloys

The jury will be composed of:

Mr Vincent MAUREL, Reporter, Research Director, Centre des Matériaux, Mines Paris
Mr Jean-Philippe COUZINIÉ, Reporter, Professor, Université Paris-Est Créteil, ICMPE
Mr Bernard VIGUIER Examiner Professor, INP-ENSIACET, CIRIMAT
Mr Marc FIVEL Examiner, Research Director, SIMaP-GPM2
Ms Florence PETTINARI, Thesis director, Professor, Toulouse III University, CEMES
Mr Jonathan CORMIER, Thesis co-director, Associate Professor, ISAE-ENSMA, Institut Pprime
Mr Pierre CARON, Guest, ONERA
Ms Sandrine CHARLES, Guest, Safran Aircraft Engines
Mr Caspar SCHWALBE, Guest, MTU Aero Engines

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